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Publiczne Gimnazjum w Zaborze is a small secondary school in the west of Poland in Zabór, a village near Zielona Góra. The school has got 100 students, their age is 13-16 years old.
This is a region located next to a German border, near Odra river, which is famous for beautiful forests and lakes. Students who attend to this school come from Zabór and villages located in the neighbourhood. So most of them have to go to school by school buses for few kilometres.

The school offers for its students education in two foreign languages in small languages groups – English and German. We also colaborate with European schools through eTwinning project. We want to show our students different people, towns, countries, culture, festivals, holidays. They have an opportunity to improve their language skills through emails, letters, postcards, writing posts and comments on the blog.
Each year our school celebrates national holidays, festivals. The school took part in many Polish projects fighting with violence “Szkoła bez przemocy”, improving teaching and learning among teachers and students “Szkoła z klasą”. The school supports democracy and living in a democratic society.


 Publiczne Gimnazjum w Zaborze/English from agatawaltrowska


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